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Escent Diagnostics: It is about creating the connection

Escent Diagnostics firmly believe that employees are an indispensable part of the organization. Their support and dedication helps in fulfilling the common goals of the organization. Their tireless efforts collectively contribute towards growth, stability and sustenance. We present employees who are proud of being a part of the ever growing Escent Diagnostics Family. Get more information about indian dreaming slot

Escent Diagnostics: Employee Engagement and Recognition

Escent Diagnostics truly believe that employee initiatives and engagement is the best way to recognize their efforts responsiveness to the organization. Their dedication and commitment helps achieve the growth and development. Initiatives have been taken by the organization to keep our employees motivated and engage like

  • Employee welfare programs
  • Training and Development
  • Efforts to induce leadership quality
  • Monthly meeting at in-charge level
  • Corporate discounts and facilities
  • Flexible working hours
  • Financial aids like allowances and other perks.

We, at Escent Diagnostics with conscious and continuous efforts aim at introducing and implementing many such programs and policies which will encourage our employees to give their best performance. We aim at providing prompt and instant recognition to outstanding performers in accordance to the company policy. This is irrespective of the position and the qualification they hold. We promote equality and a culture of understanding and mutual respect.

Also, We at Escent Diagnostics recognizes talent, and our best effort is to instill and leadership quality creativity in the work environment. Hence, promoting learning and development, helping each individual to grow and achieve in their career. We organized several training and orientation programs to promote and protect the career path of our employees.

Escent Diagnostics: Explore endless possibilities in our esteem organization:

Technical Departments comprises of Laboratory, Radiology and Medical Transcription (MT) and the positions attached in this departments are:

  • Lab Director
  • Quality Manager
  • Assistant Quality Manager
  • Supervisor
  • Assistant Supervisor
  • In – Charge Assistant In-Charge
  • Sub-Departmental In-Charge
  • Senior Technician
  • Junior Technician
  • Apprentice/Attendant

Non- Technical Departments comprises of Finance and Accounting, Human Resource (HR), Operations and Marketing, etc. and the positions attached in this departments are:

  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Executive
  • Senior Officer
  • Junior Officer
  • Sub-Departmental In-Charge
  • Assistant Sub-Departmental In-Charge
  • Senior Office Assistant
  • Junior Office Assistant
  • Apprentice/Attendant