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About us

Escent Diagnostics: Who we are and what we value most?

  • Escent Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. (Department of Laboratory Services) was established in the year 2011 under the visionary leadership of DR. Moirangthem Achumba. It was augmented to the status of a Private limited company under Section 21 of the Company’s Act 1956, in the year 2011.
  • Escent Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. has been assessed and accredited in accordance with the standard ISO 15189:2012 jobs hiring near me in the field of Medical Testing.
  • Escent Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. is among the first few Diagnostic Centers in Manipur which has been accredited with NABL in the field of Medical Testing since 1st April, 2016.

Escent Diagnostics: Motto

“A stitch in time saves nine,
An accurate result in time saves life.”

With this motto Escent Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. emphasize on timely delivery of quality reports so as to help in timely and correct diagnosis of the patients.

Escent Diagnostics: Vision and Mission

“Delivering accurate, precise human specimen in-vitro test results as per established and validated test methods. To achieve client (Patient/Physician) satisfaction by developing a transparent Quality Management System through well accepted methods, competent personnel, teamwork and commitment of the employees.”

Escent Diagnostics: Commitment

“Uncompromised quality, unmatched service, reliable and accurate reports to our patients on time.”

Escent Diagnostics: Patient Welfare

  • 24×7 services (non-specified test under the scope of NABL)
  • Fast Turn Around Time for test results
  • Uncompromised service
  • Emergency Services
  • For Urgent Test, result within 2 hours.
  • Customer Care Centre for entertaining patients feedback and complains.
  • Time to time free health camps.
  • Stone detection camp with heavy discount up to 50 percent.
  • Discounts facilities from 10 to 30 percent to patients from hospitals and other consultancy services which are in linked with our Company.

Escent Diagnostics: Employee Welfare

Escent Diagnostics believe that it is through the initiative of its employees that the company is able to compete in the market. Through their committed efforts, we are able to achieve growth and development.  The company thrives to serve its employees better through recognizing their contribution. It is especially in terms of women employees who come out strongly to take the initiative of performing the job without hesitation and regardless of day or night. The company always encourages https://xjobs.org/ innovative ideas, creativity, decision making and leadership quality of its employees. Hence, the company always puts an effort on inducing skills, knowledge, abilities, values, attitudes, and other life skills to the employees. With this aim the company provides a range of facility to its existing employees for their well being and welfare.

The Escent Diagnostics believes that Employee Welfare helps in keeping the morale and motivation of the employees high. It also contributes towards more job satisfaction and creating a better working environment. Some of the facilities we provide to our employees are listed below:

  • Employee Grievances and Redressal.
  • Cash and Non Cash Awards and Prizes to the employees.
  • Training and Development Program includes:
    • Induction Training program.
    • Job Training program.
    • Refreshing Training Program.
    • Promotional Training program.
  • Staff up gradation and performance appraisal system
  • Free medical and health check up.
  • Proper line of promotion.
  • Appropriate and adequate number of departments.
  • Rental free residential accommodation.
  • Withdrawal of advance salary facility.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • Allowances and perks.

Escent Diagnostics: Other Welfare Activities

  • Manages and handles waste through participation in Common Bio Medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) operated by Shija Hospitals & Research Institute Pvt. Ltd., Langol.
  • Manages and handles solid Waste Management Programme with Social Up-liftment & Welfare Organisation (SUWO), Nongmeibung Bazar.
  • Organizing time to time training program to educate its employees on fire control activities and handling of emergency in collaboration with the Department of Fire Services, Manipur.
  • Clean and Hygienic working environment.
  • Participation in other Social Activities.