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Special Features


  • In house processing of histopathology samples.
  • In house facility of Tru Cut Biopsy.
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • Two level internal quality control samples sun with every batch of stains.
  • ILQA
  • Regular internal audits
  • Equipped with automated tissue processor, yoreo
  • Equipped with Liquid Base Cytology, PAP from.
  • Facility for guided FNAC’s.


  • Immunohistochemistry is a procedure for analyzing cellular or tissue components. It studies the way in which the antigen-antibody interact at the site of the antibody binding is identified either by direct labeling of the antibody or by use of a secondary labeling method.
  • It has proven to be a remarkably powerful tool for classification of malignant tumors, determination of sites of origin of unknown primaries and sub classification of lymphoma and leukemia.
  • In addition of its diagnostics applications, IHC is being used increasingly or the prognostic assessment of tumors of various types.
  • The identification and localization of tissues antigens using IHC can provide valuable information that could not otherwise be obtained through routine hematoxylin and eosin (H & E) stained sections.


  • Well tolerated reliable (minimal patient trauma).
  • Procedure for providing tissue diagnosis of malignancy before definitive treatment and obviating the need for formal excision biopsy of lesion for which there is a low index of suspicion.
  • Provides sufficient amount of tissue for pathologists to make an accurate histological diagnosis.
  • Simple & complication free method.
  • Successful pre-operative diagnosis of pathologic lesion is of great importance when considering the treatment and prognosis of the disease.
  • Decrease the metastasis risk of malignant lesion during the procedure.
  • Permits earlier radio and chemotherapy application in neoplastic (non-operable lesion).
  • Permits earlier radio and chemotherapy application in (non-operable lesion).
  • Reliable technique to assess hormone receptor.