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Haematology / Clinical Pathology

  • Fully automated cell counter from Benesphera Avantor
  • Fully automated cell counter from system, working on the principle of flow cytometry.
  • Semi automated blood coagulation analyzer.
  • Fully automated ESR monitoring system, ASPEN, ESR – 20.
  • Internal and External Quality Control

The laboratory has 3 levels of Quality Control measures in the department –

  • Three levels of internal quality control measure, with strict adherence to westgard rule.
  • Inter laboratory quality assurance programs – ILQA
  • External Quality Assurance programme (EQAS) – CMC vellore and AIIMS, New Delhi.
  • Regular internal audits to monitor out of control situation.
  • Retesting of retained sample and replicate analysis.
  • Accuracy, precision, uncertainty of measurement and risk assessment analysis matrix.


  • ESR
  • Platelet Count
  • RBC
  • Absolute Eosinophil
  • Absolute Lymphocyte
  • Reticulocyte Count
  • BlOOD GROUPING/RH TYPING , and many more.